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Meet the writers

It started on Twitter (of course it did).

Claire Atkin (@catthekin) and Nandini Jammi (@nandoodles) started following each other - they’re not sure exactly when - because they were both tech marketers and tweeting about the same things, so why not.

As these Twitter things go, they decided to met up during Nandini’s trip to Vancouver for Shine Bootcamp. They hit it off immediately! Both were marketers who were concerned that things had *really* gone off the rails. Both were already pursing change: Nandini was running Sleeping Giants. Claire was studying election interference.

But they knew they were just scratching the surface. Over the next year, they began researching the biggest issues in tech, marketing and society: the rise of fake news and hate speech, content moderation, privacy and the adtech business model.

They were shocked at what they were learning as they dug into the opaque world of tech and advertising. They realized that marketers and marketing departments have a disproportionate amount of power to fix our broken society - from de-incentivizing hate speech to restoring the free press.

The only thing that was missing? Information. Marketers need to know what they don’t know — and no one was there to tell them. Claire and Nandini decided to become advocates for their fellow marketers and for better marketing, period.

At BRANDED, they cover the behind-the-scenes issues and give marketers a call-to-action everytime.